FREDRIK HELANDER. Billeberga Landskrona
  • FREDRIK HELANDER. Billeberga Landskrona

FREDRIK HELANDER. Billeberga Landskrona

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Fredrik Helander

Billeberga Landskrona. 2008

From the Battlefield Series.

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Oil on canvas.

41 x 33 cm.

Frame of wood.

"With Slagfält, (battlefield), I want to explore Swedish society's relation to the concept of "war". Sweden has lived in peace for almost 200 years while many new Swedes have moved away from violence and war. What are the Swedes facing today and what is our relation to this?
I have searched and documented places in Sweden where war has been waged throughout history. The sites are well-known battlefields such as Lund and Brunkeberg, where there are stores, villages or industrial areas today. Around the world, war is taking place just in such everyday places. Sweden has long been averted from war, but in the future, like other countries, it may end up in conflict. New battles may be played on the old battlefields. If you personally have not experienced a war, can you understand what it means?
I also think of the word "battlefield" and its meaning in our time. May we have another kind of battlefield in Sweden today - where we fight for power, money, religion or equality? The struggle is sometimes carried out with weapons and sometimes with words or other more subtle means. All paintings, oil on canvas (2008)."

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