Has a degree from Umeå Academy of Fine Arts (2012) and also has a degree from Konstfack in Stockholm.

Since 2010, Frida Krohn and Ylva Trapp Konsthall323 operate. An art gallery that has its premises in a car, a red Golf Variant. Konsthall 323 is rewritten by Shide Jafaris "On reverse gentrification and city walks with Konsthall 323 in Brand No. 4 2015 and has slowed down in Sweden and in other countries: 2017: c / o Gallery 54, 2016: in Saltsjöbaden, 2015: Great views, INCA Seattle, Washington University, in Saltsjöbaden - Three city walks: The talent of young talented artists for porridge, Capital and Christian death singing, Memory of an agreement -monument or musical ?, c / o Maretopia Färgfabriken Stockholm, 2014: Backseat conversations Creative time Summit Sunday, Subscription Service 12 Sound and Imagery from Saltsjöbaden, A Bathtub Petrol, Studio 17 Stavanger, Rogeland Art School, 2013: Double Red Ride Radio Double Radio Festival, Konsthall C Stockholm, c / o Citroen Alternative Galleries, The reality of Umeå, A friend of a car Drive -in Lydgalleri, Norway, Seminar from the trunk Augmented Spatiality, Hökarängen, 2012: We swing down and late back Open house, Iaspis Stockholm, 2011: Bac kseat driving Artfack, Kanslibyrån in residence, exhibition outside Skatteverket, Residency Washed Out, Apex art c / o Hökarängen, 2010: We are in the back of the car, Konsthallcafé Strategies of Persuasion, Konsthall C, Inauguration of Konsthall 323 How to get to the center of art ? Haninge Art Hall

In 2013-2015 she ran Cigarrvägen 13, a project room for contemporary art in Hökarängen together with Ylva Trapp Ami Kohara Johan Wahlgren Maryam Fanni Lisa Renvall Helena Piippo Larsson Savas Boyraz. Here artists have assembled and invited, funded and cleaned. A place where the artist himself has the power to decide how and what to display. A room where the short period, one week per exhibition, and the small area were both a limitation and a freedom. A place for high artistic quality without application processes and tight selection.