Hyun-Jin Kwak

born in Seoul, Korea in 1974, she lives and works in Stockholm. She has studied at Hong-Ik University in Seoul and has additional education programs from Konstfack in Stockholm and UIAH in Helsinki. Since 1998, she has had a lot of separate exhibitions at museums, art centers and galleries worldwide. She has received numerous scholarships and awards and is represented in museum collections in Europe and in South Korea. She received great attention in Sweden when she was 10 years ago showed the series Girls in Uniform with staged photography. Kwak works primarily with just stagings and the camera is her main tool. Her themes have an underlying psychology. There is always something more beneath the surface. There may be people who engineer a situation that we can not fully understand at a place in nature, or an abandoned architecture that can be difficult to categorize. Maybe there is a hidden agreement between persons who act in the scene. As a viewer, we are excluded from the overall understanding and we can feel the uncertainty, we are moving in a quagmire. We begin to interpret and guess with the help of our own preferences. It is similar to the process behind understanding a new language or a new culture. In the work of The Island - A Case Study of a Collector's Mind works Kwak parallel staged and documentary photography. The book of the same name is constructed in the same way, some have documentary texts and images, and another is fictional.