Lisa Strömbeck

was born in 1966 in Andrarum. She lives and works both in Denmark and Sweden, since 2010 she is also a teacher in photography at several institutions. Lisa Strömbeck is currently current in one of the National Art Council's projections.

Strömbeck has been active as an artist since the 1990s when she taught at the Hochschule für Bildende Künste (Hamburg) and at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts (Copenhagen). She works mainly with photography and video.

Her previous work has often had a political agenda and focused on power and hierarchies, both in major social processes and in private horrors and wars. Hierarchies between humans and other animals have generated several interesting and thoughtful works. The somewhat abstract photo series Uniform shows people dressed in fur with the same color and texture as the fur of the pets they change. At the Modern Museum in Stockholm, one could visit Lisa Strömbecks Vilorum (2004) and get laid and rest surrounded by sleeping pets. The work of light in recent years has become more poetic. It's about the sun's reflections on different objects, such as car traffic outside the window that creates light and colors in an otherwise dark and boring space, a video that typically shows her ability to focus on something beautiful in a dark everyday.