About deliveries and shipping

Shipping your order will normally take 3 – 5 working days inside EU. Outside EU will be calculated from delivery to delivery.

Shipping with our default shipping alternative, which means that your order will be delivered to your local agent, is free all over the world if nothing else is stated in the web shop. You can change the default shipping alternative for an additional cost which will be added to your order in he web shop after personal contact with us.

Shipping books from the web shop is not free from shipping charges, it will be calculated from order to order.

To collect your order from the physical gallery is always free from fees. You need to contact us in advance to pick up your order in person.

Returning freight is normally paid by the customer. PayPal costumer, who paid the delivery through PayPal, will get free return through PayPal.

Our obligations if delivery delays

If your choice of artwork is out of stock it can be re-produced if it is an artwork from an edition. The time of delivery can, in such cases, differ from time to time. If your order will be delayed depending on a stock matter we will contact you a soon as possible.

You have the right to cancel your purchase if long-term order delays occur. Agreement should be rescinded by written cancellation to us.

Refund of the purchase amount will be paid no later than 30 days after the termination has been received.

About responsibility for deliveries and shipping

We are responsible if the item is damaged or lost during shipment or transport from us to you.

You are responsible if the product is damaged or lost during shipment or transport from you to us.

Our costs if unclaimed deliveries

If your product has not been collected from the delivery point, we reserve the right to charge all costs arising in connection with this.