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Jenny Magnusson

Sculpture is an agreement, a place, a relationship, a moving entity. The room gives me clues about how and what to happen. The work is clear when the statement is said. Jenny Magnusson Jenny Magnusson's sculptures and installations is in a fascinating field of excitement between associations and meanings, between presence and absence. In site-specific installations, she "reuses" material that has been featured in her published works over the last 10 years, with material that is in itself reuse and re-representations. She uses her archival material from other rooms, houses, places - such as the building material on which the building is constructed - as a cross-section or a biopsy from a wall, a floor, a roof. The physical impression of a site is recycled as an indexical, photographic character moved from one place to another. Jenny Magnusson graduated at Valand Academy of Fine Arts in 2000.

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Jenny Magnusson

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