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The Danish artist Signe Vad works mainly with photography, video and installation but has the resent years expended her practice to a variety of interdisciplinary art projects such as the live stream TV channel “Serious TV”.

Signe Vad's series of printed photograps “Homo Carnõsa” is an extension of a trilogy exhibit she worked with during the 2013-2015 period, which featured, among other things, Nietzsche's statement of chaos. The first exhibition was titled "Once upon a time all crazy", the other was titled "We have invented happiness" and the third title in the exhibition strilogue was "We Have Chaos in Us".
“Homo Carnõsa” is about the human flesh. Everything is meat, our bodies and animals are like natural landscapes that can be somewhat erotic, sensitive, bulky, vulgar, gloomy, beautiful and ugly at the same time. We are often ambivalent to our own bodies and our fleshiness. Signe Vade's art sometimes has erotic tones, and she likes to live in that genre without following a tradition of body and erotic art that is not so high in reputation today. She finds an expression beyond what we recognize in the genre. Signe Vads art reminiscent of experimental 1960s jazz.
This is a series of photographs that literally creeps under our skin. There is chaos, there is life, there is recognition and also the opposite - complete alienation and abstraction. Photographs in black, pink and white reflects the relationship of the flesh to sex, shame, body as well as across borders of the civilized and controlled human. There is obvious references to the question of our alienated attitude to the bodily.

Signe Vad graduated from the University of Gothenburg 2009 and is also educated at the Valand University in Gothenburg.

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Signe Vad

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