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Frida Krohn


Frida Krohn's art is not like anyone else working with the copier machine and the scissors as a brush. She cut patterns in paper. She copied the cut papers. The copied papers sometimes became bands and bands have followed her longer than she understood herself.
In a sense, it is about simplicity, using the material that is close to hand. The patterns and shapes she cuts and folds are familiar to many. They are available in preschool's windows, on wrapped packages or as decorative flowers. Frida Krohn's early installations are suggestive room designs made with floor-to-ceiling works made of copied paper material.
When Frida Krohn recently has returned to painting she realizes how her eye is already set to different colors in gray. Over the years, her brain has unconsciously noted shades and shifts in gray. “As a painter, I can think constantly of the blend to the right color in my head."
The range of her work is connected here, in a long bead of rosettes, lace, decorative paper, gorgeous colors, from floor to ceiling, from top to toe, so we meet again in the smallest common denominator, in the abstract gray painting that carries on all the shades of the palette.

Frida Krohn graduated from Umeå Academy of Fine Arts (2012) and she has also a degree from Konstfack in Stockholm.

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Frida Krohn

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